About Us

Frankly Faucets

Frankly Faucets is a website that is dedicated to answering some of the need-to-know plumbing questions that inevitably arise. The aim of the website is to improve a homeowners knowledge and awareness of the plumbing systems found in their own home.


The website came about in August of 2019, when I (Tyler) came across a very cool pair of guys (Income School) that taught how to build and grow a successful online business. This was their sole business model and purpose. Now although I am very skeptical about online “gurus”, these two came across very genuinely and warm, and I knew they HAD to be the real deal.

I decided that plumbing was going to be the website that I built following their principles. Leading up to this decision, I was enrolled in a program for 8 months called “Plumbing Techniques” at Georgian College. The campus is located a few hours away from where I grew up and it’s in Midland, Ontario.

The goal of the program was to take a ‘then’ green tradesman (me) and at least get some knowledge under my tool belt, which I successfully did receiving an honors in the program as a whole, and that entailed getting above an 80% average for all of your classes.

From there the hunt for a job was on, I grabbed my yellow pages and started dialing up all of the local plumbers in my area. Anyone in sales would call this approach “cold calling”. I got many that weren’t looking for employees right now, some were solo plumbers and others just plain rude!

I eventually stumbled across a plumber who funny enough had his phone routed to his home phone to which I spoke with his 8 year old daughter about the position! She was the puzzle piece that was needed to land me a job, as this plumber eventually called me back and set up an interview.

I spent just over 3 years in the company learning all about the trades. We dealt with projects of all different shapes and sizes. From residential new builds, to commercial projects, renovations, service calls and more. It was a very rewarding and fun job to have, but ultimately got too exhausting for me.

I started developing some chronic pain in the right side of my hip, and it was clear it wasn’t going to leave any time soon. A lot of people I feel like would stick it out and stay in the job, but for me, having a college diploma in Health, Wellness & Fitness, I knew that I wanted to take better care of my body, so I decided to leave.

To this day, I still get flare ups every now and again, but it isn’t nearly as bad as it was as I am not constantly kneeling down on one knee to cut pipe, or climbing up and down 100 stairs all day long. I still enjoy learning about plumbing and all the amazing advancements that are being made year in and year out, and that’s why I felt I wanted to pursue making this website.

I hope you all enjoy and learn a thing or two from it! Cheers.

Why Frankly Faucets? – I picked the name because one of my favorite things to install, work on and replace was a faucet. There are many different designs, shapes, sizes and materials you can pick from, so naturally I leaned towards a plumbing fixture to be the heading for the website.


Graduated Georgian College – Plumbing Techniques

I am happy to be able to say that I was able to graduate this program with honors.

Honors means you are able to maintain above an 80% average until graduation.

Graduated Mohawk College – Health Wellness & Fitness

Have a diploma in Health Wellness and Fitness as well. Something I have an interest in and wanted to pursue prior to my work in the plumbing field.

Still enjoy reading up on and practicing living a healthy, balanced lifestyle.