Anti-Slip Bath Products

This page is laid out to show you the products I recommend for you and your own personal use.

This page is not designed to try and sell you anything, merely a referral to things I have tested out personally and have found to work.

I am a part of an affiliate program, and that’s part of how this website aims to make money, but that in no way impacts the price of the product.

Moen Anti-Slip Tread

I picked these up from my local Home Depot and have found that they work decently for what they are advertised to do. If you only have a couple of bucks to spend these can definitely help out.

This particular pack came in 12, so I got 6 of the “fish” designs and 6 shell designs and I purchased this design because I felt as though my room mates could get a good laugh.

I have put them through the ringer and have found that they work really well.

Here is a link (which is different from the one pictured above) where you can find the more common style of tread that will do that same exact job (minus the giggles).

Gorilla Grip

Ok, so I just took a shower using this and it works great! The tread on my feet was comfortable, it looks super slick (don’t mind the pun), very easy to install and most importantly it did what it promised which was provide a non slippery surface in which to take a shower.

To install it all I had to do was take it out of the package and then stick the suction cups to the tub surface, that’s it! Apparently it’s only recommended for tubs, and the manufacturer even says that you shouldn’t use it on textured, tiled or non-smooth surfaces.

You can purchase the product by clicking on my affiliate link