My Highly Recommended Tool Belt

Here I share my favorite tool belt. This is one that has been with me through thick and through thin and has lasted.

I recommend this one almost solely for those who are in the trades or looking to get in the trades as it can be SUCH a handy thing to have.

The Belt

This is the AWP tool belt (link to Amazon) and I feel strongly when I say that I recommend every person going into the plumbing trade or any trade in general to pick one of these up.

They make your life 20x easier when working. The job is tough enough as it is, having something that allows you to free up your hands while still having tools ranging from hammers and pliers to tape measures and drills at your disposal is very beneficial.

The belt features multiple different pockets. I personally used some of these pockets as holders for things like screws, PEX rings, clamps and more as well as a specific hook that you can hang your hammer in.

The job will often entail the use of a ladder, and going up and down that ladder a bunch of times throughout the day can be a great stress on your legs and knees. That’s why this belt is so helpful; It eliminates the need to go back and forth a bunch of times.

Why I Chose The AWP Tool Belt

The first thing that struck me about this belt was the sheer amount of pockets that it contained. I realized that I could fit just about my whole tool collection in it (although that would get heavy!).

The heavy duty straps that hold the belt around your waste gave me much confidence immediately that this wasn’t something that was going to tear apart on me any time soon.

I have not lived my entire life time yet, but I strongly feel these would be the only pair you’ll ever need to have. They are extremely durable and can hold a lot of weight.

The Fit

I was also a little unsure about how the belt would stay up on my waste through the entire day with all that weight, but was happy to see it did not budge.

When I wear the belt, I saw that this is just about a one size fits all belt (up to a 50 inch waste).

The Price

I found upon my searching of belts that this was the most ideal price range to be at for the quality that is delivered. It really isn’t all that expensive considering there are many tool belts that break the $100 mark.

For what it’s worth, I would say it’s comparable to the more expensive brands. From it’s style to it’s durability and fit and everywhere in between you really can’t go wrong for the price.

You can go cheaper if you absolutely need to, however I find that with the cheaper options you are really starting to lack with many of the features a tradesman requires on a day to day basis.

Quality will tend to go down, the number of pockets also goes down and style usually takes a back seat.

If you want a belt that you can pick up once and never have to worry about replacing again, then order your AWP tool belt here! (Link to Amazon).