Power Tools For The Home Owner

A page dedicated to all of the power tools I feel necessary that a homeowner should have in their arsenal. These are products and brands that I feel very comfortable recommending to others that will do a great job as well as last a long time.

This page isn’t for the person going into the trades any time soon or the person who is an avid DIY’er.

This is for the more average homeowner who doesn’t mind taking on some of those ‘to-do list’ tasks, and doesn’t want to call up a plumber.

The List:

Drill/Driver Combo

First thing’s first, I always recommend the RIDGID tool set for people of all circumstances. You can check out my recommended power tools for heavy use to see exactly why I chose the RIDGID brand, it includes my personal experience with the tools while working in the trades.

The Ridgid 12-volt Hyper Lithium-ion Drill/driver and Impact Driver Combo Kit is first up on my recommendation. Link to Amazon.

The reason I recommend these power tools for you the reader is it is just a great tool to have kicking around the house, something you know will last you a long time even if you drop it a bunch of times or leave it in your really cold garage.

The 12 volt batteries are less powerful than the heavier duty 18 volt that I recommend for anyone going into the trades, but in reality you really don’t need that much power.

I find that the great power source are for those looking to get jobs done as quickly and efficiently as possible, but most likely you, the reader does not have an epic time crunch and don’t need to move on to the next job site…The lower voltage will do just fine for most tasks.


The great thing about having a lower voltage is that the price of the product is also going to be cheaper.

You really shouldn’t be swayed into buying something that’s potentially 100$ more expensive when in reality you don’t actually need it and this is true for many ‘home use’ tools.

Why have these drills?

There are many reasons a homeowner may want or need these drills kicking around their house.

There are many things you can do with them that relate to plumbing, but the good thing about them, is they can double as tools for projects that are also unrelated to plumbing.

Some things you can use these drills for:

  • Drilling holes – Holes can be used to feed a water supply lines or piping in between cabinetry, drilling a hole in drywall, among various other things
  • Screwing in screws – The most common use you’ll have for them is to drive screws into walls, whether it be for hanging a picture, or hanging piping, these tools will do the job
  • Multi-purpose – Many companies have become very clever with making all sorts of attachments for drills that provide different purposes. Such as attachments for:
    • Drain snaking
    • Portable Pumping
    • Tin Snips/Metal Cutters
    • Pipe Cleaner
    • Circular Saw – Yes there’s an attachment for that!

The uses seem to be almost endless for drills.

Some Cool And Unique Ways I Have Used These Drills

  • Inside cutter – There’s an attachment you can buy here that allows you to actually cut a pipe from the inside out using blades that come in different sizes. This was always great for those hard to reach places that I couldn’t get the bigger tools in such as a sawzall, but reqired a fitting to be cut anyways
  • Angled screw driver – Albeit not many, there are some spots that are too tricky to get your drill into. They have bits out now that will operate on an angle, allowing your drill to operate in a tighter area it otherwise wouldn’t be able to
  • Support for pipes and products – Many different things will require support of some sort, whether it be a reverse osmosis system, filter or pipes of all different sorts a drill will assist with this task

Corded Reciprocating Saw

This tool (link to Amazon) is great for cutting through plastic & PVC pipe, wood and metal and can be a great addition to a household.

Another of the many tools that I recommend that carry out multiple uses for your home outside of just plumbing. This saw is more of a hacking tool (although you can get some nice clean cuts from it) it’s intended use is more to cut through things with no regard for what it’s cutting.

I had a cordless one in my time in the trades and it worked wonders. The reason I recommend a corded one is because if you are primarily going to be using this around the house and you will have access to electricity.

This isn’t a product I think you ABSOLUTELY need, however it can be something that would save you from calling up a plumber or other contractor.

Let’s say you are renovating your home and you want to save on some of the cost of the labor. Having this tool will allow you to do a good portion of the renovation yourself, if let’s say, it involves taking down some wood studs or removing an old acylic bath tub.

Although I always recommend calling a professional if you are inexperienced.*


Heading into a crawlspace or an area of your home that isn’t well lit? Working under a sink to install a faucet? This is a great tool to have with you that you can almost fit in your pocket (unless you have big pockets).

This mini light (link to Amazon) packs a powerful punch and uses a 12 volt battery (same as the drills!).

I have used my cell phone before on my crawlspace adventures and although it worked great for a while, I ended up dropping it into a big puddle of water and had to get it repaired! You don’t need that.

The thing I love about these RIDGID products is that you almost don’t have to worry about dropping any of them or accidentally exposing it to water. They can stand up to the mistreatment.