Recommended Drain Snakes

Through my time in the trades I have dealt with plenty of backed up drains, from toilets to bath tubs, kitchen sinks and more.

The amount of different items pulled from these drains would make your head spin and also make you question why they are there in the first place!

This page is dedicated to some drain snakes I have found to have not only done the job, but done it with as much ease as this job will allow.

I personally recommend these tools and would love to share them with you here.

The Snakes

Hand Operated

On the cheaper side of things, this hand snake is what I absolutely recommend every and all homeowners to have in their tool set.

Clogs are almost inevitably going to happen and having this easy to operate tool can be just the thing to get your system up and running again.

Here’s a hypothetical situation – Your sink begins to back up but it’s Christmas time and you told all of your family and friends that you were the one that was going to host the party this year.

You even told them that it would blow away all of the other parties from past years, but you’re stuck with this problem.

Would you rather call a plumber, who let’s face it, probably won’t answer your call anyways, and even if they do, they’ll charge an arm and a leg for the visit or would you rather be that independent person you know you can be and tackle the issue yourself. For $20!

I am not trying to be salesy here, but this can really save you a load of money and really allow you to handle the task when you need it to be handled as opposed to on someone else’s schedule!

Here is my affiliate link to the General Pipe Cleaners R-25SM Spin Thru Drain Auger that I personally recommend. This snake reaches up to 25 ft.

*Not to be used directly inside of the toilet

Power Operated

I am personally in fairly good shape and can operate many different tools from hand powered to ones that require electricity. But for a lot of you out there, cranking a snake for potentially 30 plus minutes can be a daunting task!

Thankfully, the beautiful people at Milwaukee have designed a battery operated snake that will eliminate this problem for you! The M12 Drain Snake is power operated and allows you to eliminate those clogs with ease.

Coming from a plumbing company that dealt with primarily Milwaukee tools and power tools, it’s safe to say that they are good durable products.

I have personally used many different kinds, from flashlights to drills, screw drivers, hammers and even radios and they have never been a disappointment.

This specific tool comes with a charger, a 12 volt battery and even a bucket. It can reach up to 50 ft as well. Very handy!

You can find the product by clicking here!

*Not to be used directly inside of the toilet

Toilet Auger

This is going to be the specific tool you need for your toilet. The toilet auger is specifically designed to allow you to snake the inside of your toilet without damaging it, as opposed to other types of snakes.

Clogs inside the toilet itself can occur and instead of replacing the entire toilet, this may be all you need!

Here is a link to the toilet auger that I recommend from RIGID.


When you are working with snakes, you are going to have to touch the part of the tool that not only move, but also get dirty; The rod.

These gloves are perfect for dealing with any kind of snake. Their ruggedness and ability to keep your hands dry are an ideal fit for the job.

When you’re operating a powered snake you are going to have to feed it into the drain, plastic gloves or thin layered gloves have the potential to get wrapped around the rod and get ruined, exposing your hand to the dirt and grime.